I’m Greg. I like to write about stuff, and I’m a web developer – seems logical that I should have a blog.

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Laying Low in Shimla

Shimla was a popular hillstation holiday place for the British during the occupation years, and now is the same for well-to-do Indians. We took the opportunity to unwind here for a few days on our way from the North to the South of India.

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Vashist, Manali & The Parvati Valley

Our time in Manali was split between Vashist, Parvati Valley and Old Manali. We rode a motorcycle to the Parvati Valley and Rohtan Pass, took a fantastic cooking class, and more.

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Sikhing sanctuary in Amritsar

We decided to take the 6 hour train ride north to Amritsar, in the hope of finding cooler weather than Delhi (this was an epic fail, it’s even hotter here) and more relaxed vibes (success on this front). The train ride was great – we actually got time to be productive for a change, something […]

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Our India Leg Has Begun

After a quick but fulfilling week of eating, shopping and logistics in New York, we made the 24 hour journey to the latest destination of our journey – India. After reading reviews of Air Kuwait, and expecting it to be a nightmare trip, we were pleasantly surprised… the flights were both on time, the airplanes […]

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Pain & Destruction on the Bolivian Inca Trail

Read about our experience hiking the Camino Precolombino Choro (El Choro) hike near La Paz, Bolivia. Included is some logistical information about the hike, up to date information about the state of the trail (after the 2018 flood), and some honest advice on what it’s actually like to walk.

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How to buy a car in the USA

So you’ve decided to visit the USA and realise how enormous it is (seriously, it’s massive). You’ve made the wise decision to dedicate a good amount of time to the endeavour (a month – you can choose a state, or a couple of cities; 3 months – you could cover off a region; 6 months […]

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